Monthly Archives - June 2016

Importance Of Google Adwords

Google has become the largest market place for the ecommerce companies, manufacturers, suppliers, exporters and service providers. This is basically the most used search engine and holds round about 70 percent share in the overall searches. With the evolution in the field of internet technology, people are using Google in order to search the related product, service or any other thing. The evolution in the Internet Marketing has also given rise to various web promotion techniques. Among all, Adwords are considered as the most powerful tool [...]


Keyword Density And Its Impact On SEO

When it comes to promotion of a website, the content plays a vital role. Mostly, the content is regarded as and for visitors, But the story is completely different. The content available on the website is also important for the Google Bots or Spiders. Their webpage crawling activity helps in promotion of a website. With frequent updates of Google Algorithms, “Keyword Density” is one crucial factor that has come into light due to its high impact on website promotion. It [...]

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